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Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Work/Life Balance and How To Make it Easier

Similar to the idea of creating a schedule, even if you are a busy stay-at-home parent juggling your writing with taking care of the kids, is the idea that break time must be integrated into your content writing schedule. There are a few ways to do this, and the break does not have to be longer than a few minutes. Still, giving your mind a free minute or five to refuel means the creativity has the opportunity to come back strong to finish the project at hand.
Take a Vacation – Okay, Just a Mental One But Still…
Have a photograph of a place that calms you or a postcard of a location you have enjoyed visiting or even one you want to visit. In those moments when you are tired of being at your desk, go to that location – in your mind. This method of travel is less time-consuming, cheaper and guaranteed not to lose your bags (even though you may be hoping to drop some mental baggage). This is a method used for decreasing stress, calming anxiety or a million other issues people face in a regular day.
Guess what? It works great to get you away from that work in front of you, for a short enough time that you can still get back to it and have it done before deadline.
Find Time For Fun, Even If That Involves The Dreaded Television
I recognize what a double-edged sword the television can be. It has been shown in studies to be bad for children, it shouldn’t be a babysitter, it squashes creativity… I’ve heard and read all about how bad television is for everyone. I still sit down with my kids to watch their cartoons once in awhile, and I still have my favorite shows to watch in my downtime.
Taking a half an hour or an hour to catch a television program in the middle of the workday does not have to be detrimental, according to Deidre Rienzo and The Marketing Mix. Rienzo says she fits her break in as a 15 to 30 minute window at lunchtime. This makes sense to me. You get the tasks completed you set for your morning and are taking time out to eat and recharge a bit. What harm is a bit of television at that time going to do?
Now, I recognize that once that 30 minutes turns into an afternoon of watching all the soaps or the SVU marathon (that one has drawn me in previously, I will admit) there is a problem. However, that is more my own time management to blame than a bit of time spent watching television.
Have A Word Calendar And Use Your Word Of the Day In a Sentence
This method may work for some but not all. If a mental workout is what you need, but a new direction has to be found far from your current topic, this may be your newest trick to add to your bag of distraction techniques. It is beneficial in two ways: it takes you away from the project on the computer screen and helps incorporate the new word into your vocabulary. Reading the word, thinking about the meaning and putting it into context are reliable ways to commit the word to your long-term memory. Therefore, you distracted yourself by doing something that may benefit you for the next project you have on your to-do list or one a month or year in the future.
Stuck On The Next Sentence In That White Paper? Brainstorm
Most freelancers have more than one project going on at once. If you are stuck in the middle of something and the deadline is closing in, the last thing you may think of is to stop and start brainstorming for another one. However, according to a writer for Copyblogger, that is a very opportune time to do that brainstorming. For those stuck in a rut or having an idea repeat over and over with no additional information getting through, it’s a great time to brainstorm with random word generators or exercises that bring in out-of-the-box ideas.
Brainstorming for one or more new projects gets those creative juices energized and flowing. Then, it is a minimal effort to switch them back to the partly-finished task. This means success on multiple levels and inspiration for the future.
When In Doubt Or Mired In A Moment of Writer’s Block, Exercise
Exercise triggers a release of hormones that make you relax, make you feel better and change your perspective on life in general. If you are at a crossroads and think you’ll never get that project done, what better time to get up and moving than that moment? Make yourself feel better, work out frustration in a way that improves your health, and you will be surprised how quickly the ideas start flowing again once you sit back down.
For some, the ideas start when the exercise is in full swing. Hopefully, you can keep them in mind until you get to a pen and paper if your exercise methods are swimming or running a mile.
Any successful schedule is about balance. Some executives take sneakers to work to walk or run on a lunch break. The luxury of a freelancer is that the exercise can be fit in at any scheduled break throughout the day, or as an impromptu distraction as suggested here. Make it work for you. That is what is important.
The thing about content writing, particular from your home office and on your own time schedule, is that working in breaks only enhances creativity by not drawing on it constantly for the entire time frame you planned to work that day. Giving the creativity a break and the mind a chance to focus elsewhere is important to the success of future creative endeavors. Don’t wear yourself out by forcing a schedule with no breaks. Instead, work in the breaks so they benefit your work schedule and keep you moving forward with the tasks at hand.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Html Guide

HTML. Or Hypertext Markup Language to you and me  :-) This is something that should be, in my humble opinion, be taught to every schoolchild on the planet.  Not only is it the hottest skill on the employment market at the moment, but it teaches logic and web design which will always be useful to just about anybody.

here's a good article on this http://blog.ezinearticles.com/2012/07/html-code-basics-for-expert-authors.html

You can easily learn the basics which will add style to plain text , and help you to simplify content for an easier reader experience.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Online working

Thinking of finding some online working jobs? Maybe to supplement your income or replace your day job?

Here's the way to go. You can be your own boss. Thousands are already making a go of it, it's not easy, it does take commitment and action on your part, but nothing is better than dictating your own hours, and working from home can be a very fulfilling experience.

You can join here now for as little as $1 :-)

This course from Adam Short stands out amongst all the rest. I have spent countless hours testing and researching other ones online and this is the one that  will have you earning in as little as three to four weeks.

Don't fall for the 'get rich quick' scams that are all over the net. You won't get the flashy car and four hour working week without putting in the work first.

Niche Profit Classroom shows you how to build a profitable business you can call your own, and it will keep bringing in passive income for you for years to come, with little effort on your part once you have the initial set up work done.

Of all the home working jobs this will definitely tick all the boxes for you, taking the most inexperienced by the hand and teaching you everything you need to know from the ground up.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

How I Made Money Writing from Home

Becoming an online writer wasn't what I had in mind when I began looking  Online for ways to make money from home. I had noticed about working at home through a series on T.V., where a self made business woman provided ideas and authentic companies where people could find work from home. I was interested as I had been looking for a way to make more money for  several weeks when I ran across the series. I preferred to be able to supplement my earnings without limiting the time  I had with my family members . I was working an outstanding  fulltime job, but when the economy tanked and we were asked  to take a pay cut, I was considering how I was going to pay for everything. I was pleased to learn that no one was being laid off, however, taking a pay cut wasn't exactly the best information I'd acquired either. 
I searched through the various job  offers  and discovered several different customer assistance companies where I could work at home. 
I started up in Feb 2009 and began my online writing career. I wrote and acquired anywhere from $2 to $3 per article I launched. The more I wrote, the more I got paid. I went from $3 every week to $50 every week easily, though I want to emphasise that I wrote A LOT during this time.
Then I began getting frustrated by my limited opportunities and believed...if there's one site out there like this, there's got to be more.. There are a large number of sites out there willing to accept  your writing on just about anything. I have signed up for  many, some of which I am writing for, others that I tried and simply moved on. There are good and bad points to each one and while you should have no requirements of getting rich from writing, you can generate an outstanding second earning and some even make a affordable living from it alone. I've not been able to take that leap of belief just yet, even though I know in my heart that I can do it. There's just something to be said about having a fulltime job, but for those of you that are out there without that , or, like me, need a constant resource of more money you can make from home, try online sources. 
I would like to say that as of this guide, I am currently earning around $1000-$1200 monthly writing. I have had several weeks where I have been able to earn in the region of  $2000, but in my world, that type of effort is not maintainable. I have currently customized my focus from straight costs to creating a re-occurring earnings system (remember the earnings share?). By writing and publishing on ' work from home' sites that pay you for each pageview, I can make a recurring earning  each  month to supplement my income .

If you are looking for looking at online writing, try a few of these sites. Some are more difficult to crack than others, but know that making money is not going to occur immediately. You'll need an opportunity to perfect your art .

The following ar e a list of sites to sign up for paid writing:

Associated Content- Upfront payments and revenue share 
Mahalo- Revenue share 
Textbroker-Upfront payment only 
eCopywriters-Upfront payment only 
Demand Studios-Upfront only or Revenue share only 
Bukisa-Revenue share 
Suite 101-Revenue share 
Helium-Upfront and Revenue share 
Triond-Revenue share 
SEED-Upfront and Revenue share 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

100 Words Every Author Should Know

"The Article Body Is Where You Give;
The Resource Box Is Where You Take."
- Christopher Knight, CEO, EzineArticles.com

Here's a great article from Ezine Articles, a place every online author should know and be a part of:

As a new author with Ezine Articles, you need to write ten articles, submit them for approval, and then you are ready to be published with them.

Here's a great article from Ezine Articles, a place every online author should know and be a part of:

Feel free to add some more you think should be in this list in the comment box below :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Where to make money online from your writing

Hi All :-)

To make life easy for you, today I'm going to list a few places online where you can make money from your writing skills.
If you are starting out online, maybe you've just been laid off or have been dreaming the dream of leaving your insufferable day job, then you're going to have to invest a little to give yourself a springboard to success.
After spending years searching online and wasting money on useless products I can save you lots of time and money by recommending Adam Short's online trainng. He really cuts to the chase, is highly respected in his area of expertise, and by following his expert guidance you will find yourself making money online in a very short space of time - as little as three weeks in a  lot of cases.
 As long as you are prepared to take action and follow the steps he outlines, then you will be gainfully self employed in no time.

Follow these tips on a blog post I wrote to help you achieve that optimum work/life balance
Click HERE

To give you some ideas of how to get started yourself, the following are really the best places to get noticed if you are looking for some writing jobs:-

Article Directories

Writng articles for a site like Ezine Articles are a great way to  make money while writing about other people's websites. If your article is good enough and original it will get traffic to the website you  are writing about, then perhaps get republished which will get links for you to your own website, and will make you money.


Sometimes you can approach a popular blogger and ask to do a guest post on their site, which will get links back to your own site. This means more traffic for you to your site where you are selling a particular product, and targeted traffic means more sales for you.

Blog Comments

If you visit high ranking blogs and leave a comment containing a link to your own site, this can lead to traffic visiting your own site, which of course is what internet marketing is all about.


By visiting relevant forums to your niche, you can leave comments with a link to your own site, again inviting traffic to visit.

Your own Website

If you can write, you should have your own site, where you can write content about specific niche products, then place advertising around that content.

So there you have it, some simple steps above to get you started!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Quick links to making money from home

Hi All ,

I've found a few of the best videos for you to check out , saving you time, and most of all money so you won't throw any of your hard earned dollars away on any of the many scams on the net today :-)

Make money writing articles, check out this video from Youtube:-

Make money writing blogs ....

Make money writing freelance for others ...

These are just a few ways to consider working at home writing to make your own living.